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The CRescendo Classic CR System is easy to install, use and maintain, providing seamless integration, from X-ray exposure to print or softcopy.  The CRescendo Classic CR System Package includes features that provide advanced functionality and maximum productivity. Loaded with easy-to-use software features developed by Carestream Health, designed to optimize workflow and make patient care your number one priority, this great package comes complete with the software and hardware you need to Go Digital today.

Quantum CRescendo Classic WAIV Brochure

CRescendo Classic Image Suite – an affordable CR software package created specifically for private practices and smaller clinics. Most importantly, it delivers high-quality images while streamlining your work flow including capturing, viewing, processing, printing and storing your images.  All of this allows you to increase productivity and enhance patient care.

Quantum CRescendo Classic Image Suite Brochure

CRscendo Vita Image Suite – an affordable CR software package created specifically for private practices and smaller clinics. Think of it as a “mini-PACS” solution. It’s ideal for optimizing your workflow today, and scalable to meet your expanding needs tomorrow.

Quantum CRescendo Vita Image Suite Brochure

The FCR-XL-2 is capable of producing high resolution (50 micron) scans for 18×24 cm and 24x30cm sizes, making it ideal for orthopedic and extremity applications where seeing fine detail is critical.  It can process up to 94 images per hour- yet it fits right into small exam rooms or offices where space is limited. The FCR XL-2 can handle even the busiest periods in your office.

Fuji – FCR XC-2 & XL-2 Brochure

FCR Prima T is the latest addition to the FCR Prima family designed to eliminate any existing barriers to the adoption of digital x-ray. Created specifically to meet the x-ray needs of low volume private practices, in the market for a compact, table-top digital x-ray system, the Prima T comes complete with a CR reader, an electronic viewing workstation and an archiving system, enabling facilities to quickly and easily transition to a softcopy imaging environments.

Fuji – FCR Prima T Brochure

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