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At 6 lbs. this 14 x 17’’ flat panel detector (FPD) is the lightest weight FPD in its category and its thin size presents an easy retrofit to existing analog rooms, making D-EVO ideal for all types of diagnostic environments. The D-EVO offers fast and easy solution to any facility wanting to improve workflow and take advantage of what being digital has to offer. Just add the D-EVO to your existing Bucky and you are ready to go!

Fuji FDR D-EVO Wired Solution Brochure

FujiFilm Wireless

Imaging just got faster easier and lighter! The FDR D-EVO Wireless flat panel detector was created to enhance your workflow and meet your needs.

Fuji FDR D-EVO Wireless Solution Brochure

The FCR-XL-2 is capable of producing high resolution (50 micron) scans for 18×24 cm and 24x30cm sizes, making it ideal for orthopedic and extremity applications where seeing fine detail is critical.  It can process up to 94 images per hour- yet it fits right into small exam rooms or offices where space is limited. The FCR XL-2 can handle even the busiest periods in your office.

Fuji – FCR XC-2 & XL-2 Brochure

FCR Prima T is the latest addition to the FCR Prima family designed to eliminate any existing barriers to the adoption of digital x-ray. Created specifically to meet the x-ray needs of low volume private practices, in the market for a compact, table-top digital x-ray system, the Prima T comes complete with a CR reader, an electronic viewing workstation and an archiving system, enabling facilities to quickly and easily transition to a softcopy imaging environments.

Fuji – FCR Prima T Brochure

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